Miscarriage At 5 Weeks 6 Days Of Pregnancy?

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Good morning. I want to ask. I have a miscarriage at the age of the womb 5 weeks 6 days. Because there is still leftover tissue in the uterus and I’m afraid to be cured so that the obstetrician gives me medicine to drink (gastrul, cefadroxil, bledstop and inbion). given this, makes me bleed a lot … then during control the following week, I was given the same medicine. When taking this drug, no blood came out anymore. My questions: 1. Is my uterus clean so that no blood comes out anymore? 2. When can I get my period again as usual? 3. What foods can be consumed to quickly restore new tissue in the uterus?

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Miscarriage is a condition where there is a discharge in the womb before 20 weeks' gestation. Until now, the exact cause of miscarriage is still unknown and can vary from person to person, but among the factors that influence it are a history of inhaling cigarette smoke, consuming alcohol, consuming excessive caffeine, the age of the mother who is too old to become pregnant (over 35 years), and excess or underweight.

If a miscarriage has occurred, what needs to be ensured is that there is no tissue left in the uterus. The same thing applies to the condition of wine pregnancy and pregnant with an empty / blighted ovum. This is because if left unchecked, the potential for infection can increase and this can lead to fatal conditions, such as shock that ends in death.

So doctors usually do the curettage procedure by scraping the remaining tissue clean. If for one reason or another, this procedure is not performed, another option is to use drugs that trigger uterine contractions and expect the tissue to come out by a push from the uterus.

Regarding your question, to find out whether the uterus is clean or not, it should be done directly by the obstetrician. Whether or not blood comes out cannot be certain whether there is still tissue in it. Then regarding when you can menstruate again, usually after you stop taking drugs, hormones in your body will return to balance over time, and if there are no factors that can make menstruation irregular again (such as the use of hormonal contraception, weight gain that is not ideal, stress, fatigue and excessive consumption of fatty foods), you will start your period. But again, when you can stop using the drug will depend on your doctor's judgment. So it is important to check your condition immediately.

Meanwhile, all you need to do is live a healthy lifestyle. There is no special food to thicken or accelerate the uterine tissue to grow again. Simply multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit, enough water needs, maintain ideal body weight, avoid cigarette smoke and stress, and check with your doctor whenever you experience a disturbing complaint. So, hopefully answering your question.

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