Miscarriage At 5 Weeks Gestation, Is It Okay Not To Get Cured?

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Maav, ma’am, if you ask for pregnancy, 5 weeks, I still prefer to go to the gguran … if you don’t check it, okay?

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Hi Rifki, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

Generally, if a miscarriage, the obstetrician / obgyn will do a physical examination and supporting examinations (such as ultrasound) in advance to find out whether the need to do a curette or not.

Usually if the entire contents of the uterus has come out of the uterus or usually called a complete abortion, it is usually allowed without a curette. Because the purpose of the curette itself is to cleanse the contents of the uterus in the womb.

In most cases of miscarriage, at gestational age is still less than 10 weeks, generally fetal tissue or placenta that is left in the uterus will come out naturally within one or two weeks. If needed, this condition can also be helped by giving medicines by obstetricians. However, if a miscarriage occurs after 10 weeks of pregnancy, generally the rest of the fetal tissue is more at risk of remaining in the uterus. Therefore a curette action is needed.

It is better to find out whether your wife needs to be curated or not, you can do an examination with a gynecologist. And you should follow the therapy recommended by your obstetrician. Because your obstetrician knows better about your wife's current condition.

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