Miscarriage At Less Than 1 Month Of Gestation?

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Will a 1/2 week pregnancy experience a miscarriage be accompanied by the puerperium?

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When a pregnant woman has a miscarriage, regardless of how long her pregnancy is. So the body's mechanism for miscarriage is similar to that of childbirth, so you will experience the puerperal period. The puerperium itself is the time when the tissues of the reproductive organs are undergoing a recovery process so that the condition can be similar to that of before pregnancy, after the condition is twenty then the pregnancy can occur again.

The postpartum period itself generally lasts for about 6 weeks, however, it does not rule out a woman having a much shorter or even longer puerperium, this depends on how fast the reproductive organs recover and how much changes in the reproductive organs have occurred. during the pregnancy process.

If Novvy is still in doubt, there is nothing wrong with consulting directly with a gynecologist, so that further health evaluations can be carried out. The postpartum period itself should not be underestimated, because during the puerperium the woman is at risk of bleeding and also an infection which of course can endanger the woman's own condition. During the postpartum period it is advisable to postpone intercourse until the puerperium is over, because intercourse during the puerperium will increase the risk of infection and / or bleeding.

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