Miscarriage Due To Heart Leak?

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Hello, I have been pregnant but it hasn’t been 2 months since the fetus died inside, because I have a heart condition and the word is that the fetus has no oxygen, can I not get a heart disease? or is there a medicine to hold the fetus inside to stay alive until later in labor? ask for a solution, and I’m afraid of getting pregnant because the menstruation hasn’t arrived yet, thank you.

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The termination of pregnancy by itself before 20 weeks gestation is called a miscarriage. There are many things that can cause miscarriage, including:
1. Fetal factors so that they do not develop normally due to genetic disorders.
2. Factors of placental abnormalities.
3. Maternal diseases, such as diabetes, kidney disease, lupus, antiphospholipid syndrome, toxoplasmosis, rubella, syphilis, malaria, HIV, etc. you can read here.
Your heart disease may be the cause of a previous miscarriage, but it does not rule out a miscarriage caused by other factors. Does your heart have had surgery? I suggest you should consult with a cardiologist about this. Control and live the treatment until the doctor says the treatment is complete.
Besides that, some things that you have to do to maintain the current pregnancy, are:
1. Think positive
2. Eat healthy and nutritious foods, which are high in calories and high in protein.
3. Regular consumption of folic acid every day.
4. Avoid moderate to heavy activities.
5. Get enough rest.
6. Manage stress wisely.
7. Control pregnancy every month always to the obstetrician.
If there is severe bleeding or lower abdominal pain, go to the nearest emergency room.
Thus hopefully useful.

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