Illustration of Miscarriage
Illustration: Miscarriage

Doc, on February 5, I should have head, but not even head-ups were tested negatively. On the 15th I tested again and the result was the second line but the one was vague, after that on the 19th I bled a lot of blood like a head and there was a clot from like a chicken liver. if pressed. Is that a miscarriage doc … ??? And why to this day I feel nauseous and my breasts feel very painful …? The results of the tespackpun results are still line two even though one is vague …? Am I still pregnant, or why doc, because nausea and breast pain are very uncomfortable … 😭😭😭

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Hi Herlinda,

Thank you for the question.

It should be understood, that the results of a vague testpack can not mean whether you are pregnant or not. Most likely, the vagueness of the results of your testpack is caused by an inaccurate examination time, wrong inspection method, or also the way the reading is too late / too fast. Ideally, this testpack needs to be repeated a minimum of 3-7 days to ascertain what the actual results will be.

A blood clot discharge after a late menstruation can indeed indicate you have a miscarriage. But it could also, actually this blood clot is a regular menstruation that is late due to hormonal disorders, stress, fatigue, cysts, side effects of birth control, or also other diseases. It could also be true that you are pregnant, but removing implantation spots that resemble menstruation early in your pregnancy.

In line with the above, nausea and pain in your breast can also trigger a lot, starting from pregnancy, signs of menstruation, hormonal imbalance (including post-miscarriage), dyspepsia, mastitis, digestive infections or other organ systems, psychological disorders , etc.

To improve, you try to compress the area of ​​your nauseous stomach and breast pain. do not forget, multiply also rest, improve the cleanliness of your intimate organs, do not have sexual intercourse if there is still a lot of blood coming out of the birth canal, eat and drink healthy, do not panic / worry excessively, and do not just take medication without advice from your doctor.

Furthermore, if the nausea and pain in your breasts are no longer intolerable, and if bleeding from the vagina in large amounts or prolonged, then you better go to see yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. Ultrasound examination, urine test, blood tests, or other investigations may be recommended that the doctor can give you the best treatment according to the cause.

I hope this helps.

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