Missing Left Abdominal Pain Arises?

Illustration of Missing Left Abdominal Pain Arises?
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good afternoon my age 30 years 11 august I experience nausea and vomiting and wrapped around in my clinic in ranitidine injection and after injecting I vomited and was given medicine for nausea and pain subsided on 14 because there is a need that requires me to go immediately in the morning I did not have breakfast and at night wrapped around again I went to a different clinic finally given medication after being given medicine to drink some kind of subsided and on August 15 wrapped around severe and difficult to dispose of the wind finally I went to the hospital ugd there in injections 2 kinds of stomach pain medication and the pain subsided after my observation allowed go home but the doctor at the hospital will be when it comes to severe twisting occurs again I have to be hospitalized when experiencing abdominal pain I was at the same time with menstruation and I used kb injected 1 month after from the hospital my stomach twisted to subside even though I still like pain coming from heartburn to the left waist every time in the contents of the food must be my stomach like tight d It felt like swelling. I went back to the clinic to ask for a referral to confirm my condition through abdominal pain, but the doctor said there was only gas in my stomach but I had never had stomach ache all this time, let alone until I had pain relief injections 2x until now. still from the pit of the stomach, stomach to wrong waist left urinating no problem. please enlighten me doctor so i get the right treatment thank you doctor

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Good afternoon, thank you for the statement

Complaints of abdominal pain that are sharp, disappear and arise, and provide a sensation of pain that is like a wave, referred to as abdominal colic. These complaints can be repeated for some time. Colic pain comes from organs that have cavities including the bile duct, gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract.

Some causes of abdominal colic include:
1. Biliary colic
Biliary colic is generally caused by stones in the sac or bile duct that causes blockage of bile into the intestine. Pain initially arises in the upper right to middle abdomen which can radiate to the right waist.
2. Renal colic
The cause is stones in the kidney or in the urinary tract (ureter, bladder). Complaints of pain are generally in accordance with the location of stones and can be accompanied by complaints of urinary tract infections such as urinating pain, bleeding, nausea, vomiting.
3. Intestinal colic
Intestinal colic gives a picture of pain such as abdominal cramps that disappear due to blockage of food flow from the large intestine or small intestine. Other accompanying complaints can be found such as not being able to pass wind, flatulence, vomiting, or decreased appetite.

Follow-up examinations such as abdominal ultrasound examination or CT scan can better visualize abnormalities in the organs in the abdomen if so far the complaint has not subsided while medication has been given. The examination can rule out possible disorders other than in the stomach organs, for example in the intestine. To reduce pain, you can take oral anti-pain medication according to the recommendation of the doctor who treats you. Take control again with the dojter if the complaint feels increasingly burdensome.

Some steps that can be taken to prevent worsening of symptoms for example:

1. Consumption of high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
2. Increase the consumption of water.
3. Avoid foods high in fat.
4. Reduce weight if overweight.

That's all, hope you can help.

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