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If your baby is less than 6 months old, the best source of nutrition for him is breast milk (breast milk). The digestive system of a young baby is still very sensitive. As a result, consumption of food or drink other than breast milk has a higher risk of causing digestive disorders, including constipation. In addition, babies who do not get breast milk are also more susceptible to malnutrition, obesity, allergies, respiratory disorders, and so on.

Are there certain obstacles that prevent you from breastfeeding your baby?

Formula feeding to infants aged less than 6 months should only be done for very urgent reasons, for example because the mother died or the mother had certain diseases that prevented her from breastfeeding her baby, while a suitable donor of breast milk had not been found. The selection of this formula should also be done on the basis of consideration and discussion with a pediatrician. So, it can't be random..

Consult directly with the pediatrician who treats your baby. By examining your baby, the doctor can determine what kind of milk suits his needs. If there are no obstacles for you to breastfeed your baby, the doctor can also teach you how to do relactation (breastfeeding breast milk again). Relactation is not an easy matter, but also not impossible. In fact, many adopted children were found who were successfully breastfed by their mothers (even though they were not biological mothers).

In addition to returning to breast milk, you can help smooth your baby's bowel movements by doing baby massage regularly. The trick is to lay the baby on a comfortable mat, then gently massage the baby's stomach in a circular motion like clockwork. Next, move the baby's feet as if you were pedaling a bicycle. Do this massage 1 to 3 times a day at regular intervals. Avoid giving any laxatives to babies without a doctor's prescription.

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