MMR Vaccine For Children Aged 7 Years And 18 Months?

Illustration of MMR Vaccine For Children Aged 7 Years And 18 Months?
Illustration: MMR Vaccine For Children Aged 7 Years And 18 Months?

Afternoon doctor, I want to ask … my son is 7 years old on July 1, and 1 lg is 18 months old (at this May) all of them have got the MR vaccine (government program) and those aged 18 months have also got varicella vaccine in last March 2018 r n r nThe question is, I want another MMR vaccine in Singapore, is that okay? qlo blh, I asked the doctor in Singapore to inject MMR without varicella y? (for 18 months) r n r n

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Hello dear Mrs. Febrianda,

The MMR vaccine is a vaccine that is intended to form active immunity against three types of diseases, effective (measles), mumps (mumps), and German measles (rubella). Ideally, this vaccine is given twice which can build immunity for up to 20 years or more. The following is the recommended MMR vaccine schedule:

children - at the age of 12-15 months and repeated at the age of 4-6 years adolescents or adults - especially for those who have never or just received MMR vaccine 1 time, the injection is recommended to give a time lag of at least 1 month In Indonesia itself, to control measles and rubella, the government launched the MR vaccine. Unlike the MMR vaccine which forms active immunity against 3 diseases, the MR vaccine only protects against two diseases, namely measles and rubella. The government's consideration is that these two diseases cause serious and potentially deadly complications.

Regarding your question:

Children who have received the MR vaccine are allowed to receive the MMR vaccine. This is to ensure that the child has full immunity to measles, mumps and rubella, especially mumps because they are not covered by the MR vaccine. Likewise, if the child has had mumps before, the MMR vaccine is still allowed to remember that there are many diseases that resemble mumps so it is not certain that what the previous child had actually mumps. Even if it turns out that it was true mumps in the past, giving the MMR vaccine is not detrimental to the child. Of course, before getting the vaccine, it would be better if you consult this matter to the pediatrician who treats your children.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful

dr. Lili

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