Mold On The Mouth To Hoarse Voice In A 1-year-old Child?

Illustration of Mold On The Mouth To Hoarse Voice In A 1-year-old Child?
Illustration: Mold On The Mouth To Hoarse Voice In A 1-year-old Child?

Good evening … I want to ask I have a 3-year-old child who has 3 days of contact with fungus in the mouth, I have given the medicine from the midwife. Then the voice was hoarse now. Is it bhya ???

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Fungal infections in the mouth are often caused by the fungus Candida albicans. This fungus can be found on the surface of the tongue, around the gums, in the tonsils / tonsils so that it can spread to the back of the throat.
The fungus in the mouth will show a whitish to yellowish plaque that often makes a person's mouth uncomfortable. In children, generally will refuse food provided.

But not all leucorrhoea or yellowish plaque are caused by fungal infections. Ideally, if vaginal discharge is found, diagnostic of fungal infections should be based on existing complaints and direct physical examination. In fungal infections, vaginal plaque will not be easily separated. Unlike the rest of the food that is easily cleaned when plaque is tried to remove.

I suggest that monitoring be done directly to a pediatrician so that an examination of the condition of his mouth. If a yeast infection causes hoarseness, the infection has spread to the throat area and requires antifungal therapy.
However, other conditions that can cause hoarseness are upper respiratory infections (ARI) due to regular viral infections and afternoon throats, which are bacterial infections that cause inflammation in the throat. Taking antibiotics like drugs before can also trigger the growth of fungus in the mouth.

There is no specific management aside from increasing the consumption of fluids and nutritious foods in patients with viral infections. While antibiotics can help treat afternoon throat. Sore throat must be treated seriously so as not to cause severe complications.

To help reduce symptoms, provide foods that are comfortable for the throat such as ice cream that can reduce inflammation in the throat. If the child refuses to eat, give the type of food the child wants and give it in small portions with frequent frequency. Rest the child, multiply giving fluids and provide balanced nutrition.

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