Monkey Scratch Wounds

Illustration of Monkey Scratch Wounds
Illustration: Monkey Scratch Wounds

Good night doc … I have permission to ask doc. Doc, my 18-year-old son accidentally scratched a monkey in the village. The monkey scratches at the bottom of the knee. Well, at first the wound did not redden the dock, but after a few hours the wound turned red and bluish. Is that dangerous dock? What actions should I take as a mother? Thank you dock. I hope the doctor responded quickly

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Hello Ruth,

Thank you for the question.

Monkeys often live liah in the forest. However, because the place is increasingly displaced, many monkeys often move to close to settlements, and it is not impossible to hurt humans, including your child.

Wounds on the skin due to scratching a monkey can be dangerous, or may not, depending on the breadth, depth, cleanliness, as well as the care taken to overcome them. Blushing and blurring of the wound on your child's knee are likely to indicate inflammation and reasonable bleeding in the wound. It's just that, if this condition occurs continuously, or causes excessive bleeding, of course such conditions should not be left alone. Although rare, it is not impossible that these monkey clawed wounds will become a den of infection, including tetanus, rabies, as well as various other microorganisms.

Therefore, as a mother, you need to do is:

Keep calm
Clean your child's wounds using a sterile gauze cloth moistened with NaCl or povidone iodine, press so that the dirt inside comes out, but don't rub too much
Ask your child to rest his injured knee first, while being positioned higher
Don't close the wound too tight

Furthermore, if the wound continues to bleed, swell, and even secrete abnormal discharge (such as pus), have your child go directly to the doctor or surgeon for further treatment.

I hope this helps.

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