Mood Changes Easily Accompanied By A Prolonged Sense Of Loneliness?

Illustration of Mood Changes Easily Accompanied By A Prolonged Sense Of Loneliness?
Illustration: Mood Changes Easily Accompanied By A Prolonged Sense Of Loneliness? Bing

at noon.. I have been experiencing mood disorders for almost 2 years and in the past few months it has gotten worse, especially my menstrual cycle has become every 6 months. Then I like to feel there is excessive fatigue even though I am not doing heavy work. Besides, my mood seems to be able to go up and down freely. Sometimes I will be happy and the next day I will feel down and sad. I also sometimes cry for no apparent reason and sometimes can’t stop it. It feels like there’s always a nagging thought but I’m not very clear what I’m thinking. It could be all day I don’t want to meet people and stay in my room and don’t move from bed. Just want to sleep all day. What I feel is that it has disturbed me in doing my daily work, especially I am a final student who is struggling with thesis. Sometimes I think about many things such as the situation of parents and family. Excessive fear of being abandoned by them. In fact, I often think it’s better if I don’t exist first. I’ve also told my friends what I’ve been feeling all this time but for some reason still haven’t found the right answer. I even wrote down what I was thinking in a book but still didn’t feel the slightest relief. I kind of force myself to be happy when I meet people and always say I’m fine. When I am sick I always cover it from those closest to me so they are not sad and worried. Yes.. I sometimes feel lonely but I can’t handle it. Could this also be the cause of my junior high school being bullied and abandoned by my friends? I checked the posts from my blog when I was in middle school, I found I was like thinking that I was going to end my life. When my downtime started, I started having strange dreams and even my mood was really down. What should I do? Am I depressed?

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Hello Anggaradian, thanks for the question for

To be able to diagnose a particular psychiatric disorder, it is necessary to have a psychiatric examination and the fulfillment of certain criteria. Some of the symptoms you mention do fall within the criteria for major depression. The following are the symptoms of major depression that can be found:

Feeling sad throughout the day Loss of interest in most activities that occur almost every day Difficulty sleeping or oversleeping Experiencing significant weight gain or loss over time Experiencing agitation (unable to stay still) or slowing movement and speech Frequent feelings of guilt and anxiety Useless Feelings of loss of energy, always feeling weak and tired easily Having trouble concentrating and making decisions Recurring thoughts of death and suicide

A person is said to have major depressive disorder if he has 5 of the 9 symptoms above, and one of these 5 symptoms is feeling sad all day or losing interest in daily activities. These symptoms must also persist for at least 2 weeks for this diagnosis to be established. If you have a combination of symptoms of major depression and symptoms of mania, the diagnosis may shift to bipolar disorder.

The following are some of the symptoms of mania:

feel very happy to be more active and more energetic, even feel superpowers feel no need for sleep irritable makes decisions without thinking too much takes on a lot of work without being able to finish has trouble concentrating and can't focus on one thing

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression or mania above, you should see a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists will usually first examine the possibility of certain physical illnesses that can cause symptoms of depression such as a history of head injury, diseases in the brain (eg tumors, bleeding), metabolic disorders such as thyroid hormone disorders, diabetes, infectious diseases such as HIV, mononucleosis, heart disease chronic conditions such as cancer, and so on. Your doctor will also rule out the possibility of developing depressive symptoms due to drug use or the side effects of certain medical drugs.

If in the end your psychiatrist diagnoses you as having a depressive disorder, the psychiatrist can provide therapy in the form of psychotherapy and therapy with antidepressant drugs.

Meanwhile, there are some things you can do to help reduce your feelings of depression:

Know that you are not alone, and there are so many people with depression in the world. Seek help from those closest to you when you start to feel sad or when you feel the urge to hurt yourself. Try doing activities that you used to enjoy or do your hobbies. Take good care of yourself for example by eating enough food, maintaining personal hygiene, and getting enough sleep and rest Do not isolate yourself or avoid socializing, strengthen your relationship with your family and close friends Reduce stress at school or work, take a short leave when it is necessary Avoid smoking, use of alcohol and illegal drugs Learn relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, yoga

That's all I can inform, hopefully it can be useful

dr. Irna Cecilia

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