Mood Often Changes And Thinks About Ending Life?

Illustration of Mood Often Changes And Thinks About Ending Life?
Illustration: Mood Often Changes And Thinks About Ending Life?

I just read this month about mental health. Because I want to know what happened to me. I experience mood changes sometimes I am sad, happy, cry and sometimes I feel the need to cry without a clear reason and it happens sometimes during the week I cry, every cry when my mind is messed up, past events or sad things before I remember, and I often think about ending my life, how many times have I sliced ​​my hand for some reason every time I tell this, my friend commented that even though it sounded good but I felt they didn’t listen to me, I felt they didn’t care about me and added to make me want to die , it felt strange in my chest as if I was so dnn and there was no use for me to live, I also had first wanted to jump in from the 3rd floor building, even though at that time I was fine, but before that there were only a few small problems, I was warned not to make myself aware self, yes because suddenly I feel suicidal and feel useless as if the world is not there to care about me, bada I trembled when I was weakened, I wanted to jump in at that time but I threw that thought away and came down from there, if I’m sad I sometimes don’t come out of the house some days, I don’t want to meet with people, it’s already this year I often cut my hand when I’m sad. Thank you, I will go down drastically when I’m feeling down. ..And strangely sometimes I feel really happy, I don’t know because of what, I feel very happy, even though I pound fast when talking, I sometimes feel very confident that I am a quiet person, sometimes whoever I will reprimand, I talk gx my friend said clearly, sometimes I don’t like people, I don’t know, if it’s like this, I usually sleep to my friend 2 mornings, including things that aren’t clear and weird, I will sing first, sometimes I don’t need sleep at 2:00 a.m. I sing well, and I waste too much, buy this, buy it, karokean, Traktirin and so on. And I often chatted alone, laughed alone, saw I laughed and I also got angry easily and was offended. When I get angry I usually want to destroy so much that around me it’s a relief from me actually, I hurt it too much, and I take it out with it sometimes sometimes tacking walls and so on. keep on talking without meratiin the lecturer … I also can know what is happening in me but I feel like this is already wrong, too, the mood changed from fast to happy to suddenly sad. so much.

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Hello Andrea, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Maintaining one's mental health is as important as maintaining physical health. Mental health disorders that are not treated immediately will aggravate the occurrence of psychiatric disorders. Psychiatric disorders are mental disorders that affect mood, mindset, to general behavior. Someone said to have a mental disorder, if you experience / have signs and symptoms that make him feel depressed and unable to carry out normal daily activities.

Signs and symptoms of mental disorders vary depending on the type of mental illness experienced and depends on how severe the severity that occurs. Sometimes people who experience mental disorders do not always show signs / symptoms that are typical, this is because the signs / symptoms that arise can vary from person to person.

Based on the complaints that you experience, there are some diseases that might occur to you, namely:

 Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia Depressive disorder In general, people with mental disorders usually experience certain symptoms, such as experiencing a mood that changes dramatically can from feeling very sad to very happy or vice versa, feeling excessive fear or suspicion, withdrawing from relationships and social environments , often feel so angry that they like to do violence, or feel useless to want to end life, as well as experiencing delusions or hallucinations.

The emergence of a desire to end life can be triggered by many factors, some of which are:

 Mental disorders, such as depression. Experiencing psychological violence, for example bullying. Drug abuse. Suffers from severe illness. Has buried pressure for example due to loss of job, status / position, or money. Experiencing events that cause trauma, such as sexual violence, rape, natural disasters, etc. Loss of a close relative or family member. Experiencing or suffering from a chronic or severe disease. What you can do right now is:

 Expand worship and get closer to God according to the religion you profess. Ask for help / role of your family to share stories / complaints that you are experiencing Avoid if you consume alcohol / drugs. Get plenty of rest and always think positive. Fill time by doing positive activities, such as sports. If these annoying complaints are increasingly burdensome and your behavior is increasingly troubling, you should quickly seek treatment from a psychiatrist / psychiatrist so that your mental problems can be dealt with quickly. That's all the answers I gave, Thank you

and hope you are always healthy :)

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