Mood Swing?

Illustration of Mood Swing?
Illustration: Mood Swing?

why is it so easy for me to experience mood swing, and if it’s already bad mood so everyone seems to be mean to me and no one understands me at all, as if I would be the girl who has the most unfortunate fate of suffering and not happy at all, or this because I have experienced a bad past, and if I’m already happy I won’t remember the problems that have existed in my life, but if I already alone in my room all my problems arise and I feel the most miserable and most unfortunate, I experience things like this it’s been almost a year, and this time I really feel tired, what should I do 🙂

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Hello kustinah, thank you for asking with

We are concerned about the problem you are having. Some of the causes are
Maybe it happened from your complaint is:

Mood disorders (depression, bipolar or cyclotymic) Mood disorders during pregnancy or after birth Premenstrual syndrome (syndrome before menstruation) General anxiety disorder Personality disorders Side effects of drugs Mood swing or sudden emotional changes are common problems and are a normal condition. However, if this condition persists, you should consult with a psychiatrist, especially if you lose interest in your activities, feel tired easily, impair your appetite, disturbed concentration or ability to think, there are hallucinations, or the emergence of ideas to hurt yourself or suicide.

Some factors that can cause mood disorders include:

Hormone conditions (during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause) A traumatic or sad event occurs Other chronic diseases Consume alcohol or drugs (narcotics) Genetic factors or have a family history of other mental illnesses Your doctor may seek counseling or psychotherapy , try to find out why you feel sad and will also give medicines to help you control your mood.

Some things you can do include:

Try to tell your feelings to others Stop negative thoughts and try to think positively and be grateful Do activities or hobbies that you like Regular exercise Consumption of healthy food and balanced nutrition Avoid sleeping late at night and have good sleep patterns Reduce consumption alcohol or cigarettes You are also advised to read the following interesting article: Mood Swing Not Always Normal, Recognize the Signs

Hopefully this information can be useful for you. thank you

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