More White Lumps In The Eye?

Illustration of More White Lumps In The Eye?
Illustration: More White Lumps In The Eye?

, I want to ask, my mother had a white blob in her eyes, at first it was just a little bit but it got more and more and it reached the black part of her eye, why is that?

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A white lump in the eye that gets bigger and bigger until it reaches the black part of the eye is probably a pterygium. The pterygium is a tissue that grows due to persistent inflammation of the eye. Inflammation can be caused by exposure to direct sunlight to the eyes, dry eyes, eye irritation such as dust, smoke, pollution, or exposure to wind.

In most people, the pterygium doesn't cause any symptoms. Sometimes there may be itching or burning in the eye, a sensation of a foreign object in the eye, or sometimes red eyes may appear. In a small number of people, the pterygium can grow to the black part of the eye (cornea) and even covers the pupil of the eye, causing vision problems.

If there is no visual disturbance or other disturbing symptoms, the pterygium does not need any therapy. However, if there are disturbing symptoms, especially with visual disturbances, then the therapy that can be done is pterygium surgery. You can take your mother to an eye doctor for further evaluation and treatment if the pterygium is disturbing your mother's vision.

If the pterygium does not cause any disturbance, then you can suggest the following things so that the pterygium does not grow bigger:

always use sunglasses that can block UV rays when going out of the room avoid eye irritation by dust, smoke, pollution, and wind use artificial tear drops if your mother has dry eyes

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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