Morning Doc .. I Want To Ask If Skin Disease Sereboik Dermatitis Can Grow Hair No Longer Age

Illustration of Morning Doc .. I Want To Ask If Skin Disease Sereboik Dermatitis Can Grow Hair No Longer Age
Illustration: Morning Doc .. I Want To Ask If Skin Disease Sereboik Dermatitis Can Grow Hair No Longer Age

Morning doc .. I want to ask if skin disease sereboik dermatitis can grow hair again not 8 years old .. Thanks doctor ..

Originally posted 2020-04-14 10:12:17.

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Hello Erwin,

Thank you for the question.

Seborrheic dermatitis is clinically characterized by skin that is often thickened, reddish, scaly, itchy, and peeling like dandruff. Complaints like this are most often evident in areas of the body that are hairy and oily, for example on the face, eyebrows, ears, eyelashes, and chest. It is not clear what factors triggered seborrheic dermatitis. But experts believe this condition is closely related to genetic factors, immune system disorders, and fungal infections of Malassezia around the oil glands in the skin. Both children and adults can get this disease.

Seborrheic dermatitis actually does not directly affect hair growth. But indeed, skin inflammation due to seborrheic dermatitis can make hair growth is disrupted. This disruption of hair growth can also be caused by the side effects of treatment given to reduce the symptoms of the disease. With proper treatment, often the health of the hair can be maintained, so that it can grow back better, how to by:

Regularly control the health of the child's skin to the doctor, pediatrician, or dermatologist
Give the child treatment as suggested by the doctor
Wash your child using soap and special child bath products, select those that contain moisturizers, and are non-irritating and hypoallergenic
Don't rub the child's skin excessively
If there is scale or scales in the child's hair, gently remove it, the way it can be loosened is first using olive oil, then brushed and washed slowly
Comb the child's hair with a wide-toothed and blunt-tipped side so as not to hurt the scalp
Always put a moisturizer on the child's skin before using clothes
Avoid contact between the child's skin with skin care products that contain alcohol or other irritants
Give the child clothes that are clean and soft ingredients, change the clothes regularly, do not be left dirty or excessive sweating
Increase the child's endurance, including by allowing him to rest sufficiently, feeding him highly nutritious foods and rich in antioxidants (especially those containing lots of omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, iron, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus), and accompany him to undergo healthy lifestyle every day
Make children calmer, less anxious or stressed

If the above steps are still not able to improve the condition of the patient, you need to consult the child directly to the doctor, dermatologist, or pediatrician so that further treatment is given according to the condition, yes. It could be, in addition to due to seborrheic dermatitis, impaired growth of the child's hair growth is exacerbated. with nutritional deficiencies, hair pulling habits, malignancies, hormonal disorders, autoimmune disorders, and many other potential triggers whose treatment can be different from ordinary seborrheic dermatitis.

I hope this helps.

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