Mosquito Bites More Often Than Others?

Excuse me, I have had bodily injuries often. My skin is sensitive, especially if I have been bitten by a mosquito, I am more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes compared to other people, if I already have a wound that is difficult to remove, sometimes the widen is getting bigger, why is that so? Why also can I be more likely to be bitten by a mosquito than others? Thank you doctor 🙂

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Complaints of mosquito bites that often perch and bite you more often than others around you are indeed often a complaint for many individuals. They feel, only they are busy with mosquito bites, but other people around them are not disturbed or if they are not as disturbed as mosquito disturbance in themselves, either making a noise around you, or causing a quick bite, mendandak, in many places on the skin open even on your face.
This can indeed be related to a number of biological and chemical factors that attract you to get closer and bite you than others. Some risk factors that trigger mosquitoes are more inclined towards you are:
1. Individuals with blood type O are more bitten by mosquitoes than other blood types
2. the presence of carbon dioxide that comes out more from your body than other people
3. sweat and body temperature that produce more lactic acid and ammonia and warmer temperatures are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than others
4. Bacteria, the accumulation of bacteria on the skin will increase the same risk, so maintaining skin hygiene and cleaning your skin from dirt and sweat will help reduce these complaints
5. pregnancy
In general, you can draw on the possibility that your body's surface chemistry, temperature, and body cleanliness are common risk factors that attract mosquitoes to bite you. Therefore, because blood type cannot be prevented, then you need to condition other factors that you can control, this can be done by maintaining the cleanliness of your skin and maintaining the moisture of your skin. Thus, this effort helps reduce chemical factors and personal hygiene to be the trigger.
Related to the presence of wounds on your skin that are difficult to heal, this can also be related to treatment of wounds that are not good, the wound is not closed, the wound is always in contact with water, bacterial contamination of the wound, scratching hands that may not clean, unclean nails. So that this condition can be related to personal hygien, wound care and treatment by a doctor if the wound has not improved.
Therefore, if you are still concerned about mosquito bites, or your injuries, then you should consult with your family doctor. Your doctor will provide recommendations for treatment and treatment for you.
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