Most Drinks C 1000 Mg Can Be Used To Abort Or Not The Dock?

Illustration of Most Drinks C 1000 Mg Can Be Used To Abort Or Not The Dock?
Illustration: Most Drinks C 1000 Mg Can Be Used To Abort Or Not The Dock?

my friend told me about her pregnancy, she drank 1000 c you directly to the drop in dock, thanks doc

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Hello Jackson, thank you for asking

Miscarriage is the termination of pregnancy by itself when the gestational age has not reached 20 weeks. The cause of miscarriage itself varies greatly, it could also be caused by a disease that is being suffered by the mother, or due to a fetus that does not develop normally so that it falls on its own.

Signs of miscarriage include the appearance of blood from the vagina during young pregnancy when the gestational age is less than 20 weeks. In addition, these symptoms can be accompanied by abdominal pain or cramps that radiate to the lower waist. Sometimes the blood that comes out is in the form of clots, or just spots.
The cause of miscarriage itself is very diverse and is also caused by many factors. So many myths circulating about the causes of miscarriage that developed in the community. One of them is about high doses of vitamin C which can cause miscarriages. Basically, vitamin C is a substance that is very useful to help increase endurance. But if taken carelessly and excessively it will certainly cause side effects such as abdominal pain due to increased stomach acid, diarrhea, sleep disorders, headaches, skin flushing, and various other complaints. The assumption that consumption of high doses of vitamin C as a cause of miscarriage in pregnancy can not be said to be true because there is not enough scientific evidence.
If you are planning a pregnancy with your partner, then do a healthy lifestyle. Eat with a balanced nutrition, maintain a normal body weight, do not smoke or drink alcohol and drugs, carry out vaccines for infectious diseases according to doctor's recommendations, and keep activities so that they do not cause too much fatigue. Please consult with your obstetrician to plan a pregnancy.
I hope this helps
dr. Sussy

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