Mouth Can’t Be Closed?

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at noon. I want to ask a question since 3 days ago I can’t close my mouth so it’s hard to talk, eat, and drink. Some of my cheeks, jaw, and head feel stiff and sore, as well as my eyes are hard to close when I sleep, my vision becomes strange, tears keep coming out… what is the solution and I’m sick, thank you

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Hello, thank you for your question.

The condition that you describe is actually quite typical for disorders of the TMJ / temporomandibular joint (abnormalities in the jaw joint, which connects the cheekbones, temples and lower jaw).

Abnormalities in the TMJ are not limited to mouth movement disorders such as mouth opening/closing, but can also be accompanied by complaints such as pain and stiffness in the neck, tension-type headaches, sensations such as "clicking" when moving the mouth, ear disorders and eye disorders such as blurred or watery vision.

Other conditions that can cause symptoms like this include Bell's palsy and certain viral infections.

You can temporarily use NSAIDs (as long as there are no allergies and no stomach upset) such as ibuprofen or mefenamic acid to reduce pain. In addition to NSAIDs, small doses of antidepressants (TCAs) and low-dose muscle relaxants can also be used to reduce symptoms, but only with a doctor's prescription.

Non-drug therapy can be done according to the severity. TMJ surgery may need to be performed in severe cases, is repetitive or has failed other methods.

In the end, I think you should see a doctor first to undergo further examination and confirm the correct diagnosis of this condition. A common specialty treating this condition is an oral surgeon.

another discussion of TMJ disorders

That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

dr. Lili

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