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Illustration of Mouth Surgery
Illustration: Mouth Surgery

In the upper jaw, above my canines I felt that there was a tooth root that grew, even though I was 26 years old and the canine teeth underneath were also not swaying. When I press the bottom corner of the nose, there really feels something hard as a tooth. I am worried that this is a dental tumor / odontoma. What specialist should I check with?

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I understand the concern that you are experiencing, the complaints that you experience could have been caused due to problems with your teeth and gums or nose, because you have to do a direct examination by a doctor to ascertain the problem where. You should not claim or convict that this is a dental tumor before the examination yes. I will explain that a small number of dental tumors is the most commonly found odontogenic tumor. These tumors are formed from the growth of tooth enamel and dentin that are off track, but can also contain pulp tissue. In other words, this tumor contains tissue which is usually also present in the constituent teeth.

There are many symptoms of this condition that are often ignored. One of them is the delay in the appearance of adult teeth or permanent teeth. Sometimes, people underestimate this event. Bumps in the gums can also be one of the signs and symptoms. The cause of dental tumors is definitely unknown. However, several factors such as heredity (genetic), trauma or severe injury to teeth, as well as infection, are thought to be triggers for dental tumors.

My advice is that you should consult a dentist first to ascertain the cause, if it is due to a tumor or surgery is needed, maybe the dentist can consult a dentist surgeon.

There are several things you can do at home for a while:

do compress with ice water which is wrapped by cloth on the hard part
if the pain you can consume pain relievers like paracetamol
brush your teeth 2 times a day in the right way
use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head
after brushing your teeth you can do gargle using commercially available mouth rinses
avoid using toothpicks
routinely do a dental check every 6 months

You can read the following article: various types of jaw tumors

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

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