Mpasi Menu?

Illustration of Mpasi Menu?
Illustration: Mpasi Menu?

My child is a 7 month plus baby. her bb is 6,8. after diarrhea. She drank breastmilk. and he said he had to be connected with a formula so that his bb would increase. even though he has arrived but I am also confused about the menu, what should I do. should I also connect ASI with SUFOR?

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Mrs. Thia,

Child development varies greatly, generally as long as it is still in the normal range and the growth rate is good, there is no need to worry. To find out whether the weight of your child is normal or not, of course you have to look at birth weight, body weight up to several months before and of course matched with charts either from WHO or CDC. For easy calculations, a 5 month baby is normally twice the birth weight and one year 3 times the birth weight.

According to the WHO growth table, 7 months of age for girls should be around 6.8-8.6 kg (-1 to +1 standard deviation) while for boys it should be 7.4-9.2 kg. Apart from this, it is also necessary to look at the weight beforehand. Even if he is underweight, if he increases from his previous weight and his birth weight is low, it could be normal. If it is flat or descending, it should be treated immediately.

The MPASI menu for children 7 months is actually the same, but the texture is improved little by little. Basically, complementary foods should consist of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Don't forget to get iron from meat and vegetables with an adjusted texture, for example by filtering or mashing. If your child is still drinking breast milk, talk to your pediatrician about extra iron. There is really no need to add formula milk if breast milk is still there, unless your pediatrician recommends it. Give food 3 times a day with a snack. Snacks can include baby biscuits, cookies and fruit. There is no need to give formula milk if there is still a lot of milk. If you want to introduce it, that's fine, but don't get close to eating time so the baby doesn't feel full before eating. UHT milk can be given if the child is one year old.

You can provide rice, pasta, or noodles (especially for babies) as a source of carbohydrates. As a source of protein, you can give chicken, fish, beef or eggs. In addition to fat, you can add butter, olive oil or coconut oil. Nuts (green beans, peas, red beans, etc.), tempeh, tofu, can also be a good source of nutrition but still economical. If it is not possible to make your own, occasionally giving factory-made complementary foods is also fine. Factory-made complementary foods have been arranged in such a way as to meet the nutritional needs of children. Give according to age and prepare according to package directions.

At this time, you should check your child with a pediatrician in order to get the appropriate advice regarding his weight. If indeed your doctor asks you to provide additional formula milk, of course, he has already considered the benefits for your child. Continue to weigh your child every month and record it on the KMS. If the graph is flat or falling, consult a doctor immediately.

Inspiration for the MPASI menu can be found at: The MPASI menu

Hopefully this is useful,

dr. Meg

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