MR Immunization Near The Buttocks.?

Illustration of MR Immunization Near The Buttocks.?
Illustration: MR Immunization Near The Buttocks.?

Morning doctor ank I age 9 months MR immunization near the buttocks. A day of high fever 39.3. Is there any effect because the injection is not as usual on the thighs but near the buttocks … is it dangerous? Remembering the doctor who immunizes is not the doctor who usually is. Is the fever high because of MR immunization near the buttocks? Thank you

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Immunizations given by injection can be done at various locations depending on the type of immunization, history of previous immunization, and the child's general health condition.

In order to have an optimal effect, MR immunization (measles, rubella) needs to be injected subcutaneously (under the skin layer, but does not reach the muscles). Subcutaneous injections are most often done in the thigh or upper arm area by first pinching the part to be injected, then injecting is done.

The buttocks area may be used as a location for MR immunization in some cases, such as in very thin children, or in children who are blocked from injecting their arms or thighs, for example due to severe infection, a history of previous injections that were done very close together amputations and so on. Although indeed, these actions are relatively rarely carried out, except in urgent conditions.

The high fever that your child is experiencing can indeed be related to the immunizations he received earlier. However, this does not depend on the method and location of the immunization. Although the immunization was previously injected in the thigh or upper arm area, your child may still have a fever. This fever is often harmless, and shows a good body response in the face of the entry of viruses or bacteria that have been weakened into the body. In addition to the effects of fever immunization that your child may experience may also occur due to viral or other bacterial infections, excessive temperature exposure, or many other possible causes.

You should not worry. Give your child paracetamol as prescribed by the doctor, while compressing his neck or armpits with warm water and give your child warm and absorb sweat clothing. If in 3 days the fever does not improve, do not hesitate to check it back to the doctor or a pediatrician.

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