MR Immunization Side Effects For A 14 Year Old Child?

Illustration of MR Immunization Side Effects For A 14 Year Old Child?
Illustration: MR Immunization Side Effects For A 14 Year Old Child?

Is rubella measles immunization best given to children aged 14 years, and what is the purpose and side effects, is it severe or mild?

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Measles and rubella immunization or better known as MR vaccine immunization is a combination of measles (measles) and rubella immunization. The MR vaccine is an effort to prevent measles and rubella. Measles and rubella are highly contagious infectious diseases transmitted via the respiratory tract caused by viruses. If a person has not received the vaccine, then that person is at high risk of contracting this infection.

Before the measles vaccine, in 1980 about 20 million people had measles infection and 10% of them died worldwide because of complications from measles. Complications that arise such as pneumonia (pneumonia), inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), blindness and death. While rubella is a dangerous viral infection because if it infects pregnant women in the first semester it can cause complications such as miscarriage and fetal disabilities such as congenital heart disease, blindness, deafness, mental retardation and brain inflammation. And Indonesia is one of the countries with the most cases of measles in the world, especially in children under 15 years of age.

Due to the serious and deadly complications of measles and rubella, the Indonesian government is working to eradicate these infections. The government's effort is to hold an MR immunization campaign that has been carried out since 2017. The MR immunization campaign is a mass immunization activity as an effort to prevent the exchange of rubella measles virus which is given to children aged 9 months to <15 years without considering the previous immunization status and is mandatory.

Actually there is no specific time to be given MR immunization, because the age range of 9 months to 14 years is mandatory for MR immunization. If a person's age meets these criteria, then that person should be given MR immunization.

Regarding the side effects of the MR vaccine, it is safe and effective for children. The MR vaccine has also been recommended by WHO (World Health Organization), and has received a distribution permit by the Food and Drug Administration. And the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia has also stated that MR immunization is safe and effective, it does not cause autism and paralysis like the following issues. The MR vaccine is proven to be 95% effective in preventing rubella measles, and this vaccine is safe and has been used in more than 141 countries worldwide.

The side effects that arise may be the same as other minor side effects of immunization, namely low-grade fever, pain at the injection site, swelling at the injection site. This reaction is normal after immunization. And these complaints can fade away in 2 - 3 days. Severe side effects after immunization are rare.

The following is further information regarding: Measles and Rubella Immunization or MR Immunization

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