MRI Action For Neurological Disease?

Illustration of MRI Action For Neurological Disease?
Illustration: MRI Action For Neurological Disease?

good morning doc. I want to consult about the penykit that my father suffered. first when I was in middle school my father fell from a height of 3m by 2x. then had fallen from a motorcycle. now at the age of 55 years pain in the waist feels doc. like a pinched shark. I’ve been rotated a lot of times. general practitioner as well as to a specialist doctor syraf. given the drug but until now has not diminished. What is a proxy or doc? do you need an MRI doc check? please help doc. thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The condition that your father is experiencing can be caused by a variety of possibilities, including being able to be a chronic muscle injury, a muscle that has been weakened due to injury too often, it could also be due to pinched nerves, nerve injuries, fractures or cracks in the bones, and due to shifts in the spine.

In addition, if you look at it from a broader aspect, the lumbago that your father is suffering from now is not impossible as a separate condition from the history of falls and accidents he has experienced. The possibility could be due to kidney stones, gallstones, kidney infections and urinary tract infections.

So far, by having seen a doctor, your father has taken the right steps. But maybe what needs to be made clear to the doctor who treats your father is about the diagnosis and the treatment target. You and your father have the right and must know what the results of the examination carried out by the doctor and what conclusions the diagnosis has been made and what treatment options. Even if the treatment cannot be given, it must be clear what the cause is.

Because as you can see, there are so many possible causes for your father's condition. If it turns out the neurologist has not found any abnormalities in terms of his nerves, the next step may have to be examined by a urologist or internist for possible kidney stones. Or if it turns out there are cracks in the spine, then maybe the most appropriate doctor is not a neurologist, but an orthopedic doctor or a bone doctor. So if the doctor who treats your father is less informative, you must 'catch up' and shouldn't be shy. Even if it is said to be a neurological disease, you may also ask, if the condition does not improve with treatment, whether further treatment is needed or not.

As for MRI, MRI is only one method of diagnosis, and not all diseases will also be seen by MRI. So back again, the most important thing is the first step, whether the doctor found the problem or not, if not, what tests should be done, or where to be referred. If it does not improve, control, and ask what options and treatment targets, how long the estimated recovery, whether it can improve if it has been operated on, or is a chronic disease that the treatment is indeed for life, or others. Even if you later need an MRI, let the treating doctor decide whether or not to need it.

By clearly communicating everything that you don't or don't understand with your doctor, misunderstandings can be avoided and you and your family will be clear about what to do. So, hopefully answering your question.

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