MRI Examination Results?

Illustration of MRI Examination Results?
Illustration: MRI Examination Results?

Good morning, permission to ask the doctor / doctor, specifically the neurosurgeon,

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Conditions that are experienced with postoperative examination should be done first about the symptoms that are currently being experienced and a physical examination by a doctor especially the neurosurgeon that you have been doing the examination for. This is very important because MRI is a supporting examination that has the purpose to be a complement or confirmation of the symptoms and physical examination carried out. Be aware of the results you say

  The syrinx is syringomelia, which is the appearance of a cyst that compresses the back nerve tissue so that it can cause a weak condition in the muscles and can cause widespread pain. This can be triggered by disturbances in the form of chi-maflformation, infection of the brain, congestive thoracal Levoskoliosis disorder is a condition of displacement of the axis of the spine in the left side of the chest area, this can be related to the condition of the body's daily position is not good, congenital. We recommend that you immediately do the control, especially if there are weaknesses in certain body areas

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