Mri Left Knee?

Illustration of Mri Left Knee?
Illustration: Mri Left Knee?

Is surgery necessary when MRI’s result states a partial tear pcl?

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From the information you have conveyed, the presence of a partial PCL or posterior crutiate ligament tear, indicates a partial injury that can be accompanied by a risk of injury to other parts around it, such as injuries to other ligaments, cartilages, or possibly to the bone, depending on the condition of the injury or the implications of the injury against the associated joints.

On MRI evaluation with PCL partial tear, it is likely to indicate grade 1 PCL injury, whereas grade 1 PCL injury generally does not require surgery, as long as it is not accompanied by other ligament damage. So that treatment with physiotherapy is expected to help the recovery of patients with grade 1 PCL injury conditions.

Physiotherapy or medical rehabilitation can be:

1. use mobility aids during acute times

2. Doing physiotherapy exercises

3. special exercises in sportsmen

Therefore, you can discuss directly with your orthopedic surgeon or with a medical rehabilitation specialist for examinations and to plan the next necessary management.

For now, avoid strenuous activities and leaning on the knees that can exacerbate your complaint, until your doctor provides advice and directions for home care you can take.

That is the information we can convey, read also PCL injury.


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