Mucous And Hoarse Throat In TB Sufferers?

Illustration of Mucous And Hoarse Throat In TB Sufferers?
Illustration: Mucous And Hoarse Throat In TB Sufferers?

. I’m Bashori, 40 years old. I received TB treatment for 6 months and finished treatment for 6 months and the result of sputum lab was negative. My question is … why does my throat feel hoarse and when it phlegm is sometimes pink / bloody … what is it and what is the cure

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Hi Khoirul,

Thank you for asking

A throat that feels hoarse and often produces bloody phlegm can indicate a variety of conditions. Could be, this complaint occurs related to pulmonary TB (Tuberculosis) that you suffered earlier. After receiving treatment and declared cured, it is not impossible you can get infected with TB again. This condition is possible if you have not dealt with TB risk factors properly, or also if you have problems with endurance, for example if you suffer from HIV or take immune system-suppressing drugs in the long run. In the medical realm, TB recurrence after recovery is categorized as relapsed TB.

In addition to the effects of pulmonary TB, it can also, hoarseness and bleeding phlegm due to other factors, for example:

Irritation, such as over-eating spicy and fried foods
Dry throat, for example because a lot of screaming, a lot of breathing through the mouth

Other viral or bacterial infections (other than TB)
Malignancies, such as lung cancer, throat cancer

Gastric acid reflux, and so on

This condition is not always dangerous. However, if the complaint is very often recurred, then you are far better checked with a doctor directly, ENT specialist, or a specialist in internal medicine. That way, your doctor can evaluate more deeply the cause of your complaint, including through examination of sputum, blood, x-rays, or endoscopy if needed.

In the meantime, first do the following steps:

Don't expel phlegm too hard
Drink plenty of warm water, may also add honey
Don't over-consume spicy, oily food
Reduce foods and drinks that contain artificial sweeteners
Do not smoke
Increase endurance, by eating nutritious foods, eating lots of fruit, exercising regularly
Use a mask so that your nose and mouth do not conquer dangerous substances, including dust, smoke, and pollution
Do not carelessly consume drugs
Overcome the risk factors for TB, including by improving ventilation and lighting of the living environment and checking if there are people around who show symptoms similar to TB

Hope this helps ...

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