Mucus Comes Out Mixed With Blood From The Baby’s Vagina 5 Days Old?

Good day doctor. I want to ask my doctor that I am only 5 days old. Well at 11 o’clock changing diapers suddenly came out mixed with mucus blood from her vagina. That’s why? The baby is calm and not fussy. No fever please enlighten me why can it be like that huh? Thanks doctor …

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Hi Merly,

Thank you for asking

As a result of the remaining hormonal influence of the mother during pregnancy, it is not uncommon, newborn baby girls can indeed experience bleeding from the vagina like menstruation. This condition is not always dangerous. In most cases, this condition is natural and will improve by itself without the need for special treatment.

If the vaginal bleeding that your baby is experiencing is small in number without any other complaints, you don't need to worry. You simply clean the blood that comes out using clean gauze moistened with running water. Avoid applying anything around her vagina without advice from a doctor. Do not forget, always keep your baby's vaginal area clean, that is by cleaning it every bath, after the baby has pooped, and regularly changing his diaper. Finally, also give your baby exclusive breastfeeding so that his endurance is always excellent.

However, if you experience excessive bleeding, recurring, or cause your baby to experience other complaints, such as vaginal swelling, sores or rashes on the vaginal skin, abnormal urine, fussing, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. do not hesitate to check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that further evaluation and treatment is done ...

I hope this helps.

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