Mucus Discharge When Pregnant 6 Months?

Illustration of Mucus Discharge When Pregnant 6 Months?
Illustration: Mucus Discharge When Pregnant 6 Months?

Hello, I want to ask, I am 6 months pregnant, now every time I pee it feels like something comes out again, like urine but there is mucus, but sometimes sitting and standing up it comes out like urine, I don’t think it’s dangerous for pregnancy me? What should I do?

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Hi Esmeralda,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, do you clearly see the discharge? What color is it like? How is the consistency? How much was the discharge? Does it contain blood? Are there any other complaints that come with it?

When pregnant, often the production of secretions from glandular cells around the vaginal canal and cervix (cervix) has increased. This condition can make the discharge resemble urine which is clear to whitish, but the consistency is thick, and odorless. This discharge can come out at any time, but it may be easier to observe when you urinate. As long as the amount of secretions that comes out is not too much, and does not cause any complaints, it is possible that this condition is not dangerous and is the result of only hormonal changes.

However, it could also be that the secretions that you mean occur due to other causes, for example:

Amniotic seepage
It can be caused by infection in the uterus or vagina, mechanical injury, excessive stretching of the uterus (for example due to multiple pregnancy or polyhydramnios), history of undergoing surgery around the uterus, uncontrolled hypertension, smoking or drug consumption. The amniotic fluid is characterized by a clear color, a watery consistency, a slightly fishy smell, and comes out irresistibly (such as bed wetting).
Urine seepage
The greater the gestational age, the more difficult it is for the mother to control her urge to urinate. Not only due to the pressure of the enlarging uterus towards the bladder, this condition is also influenced by the hormone progesterone which reduces the sensitivity of the mother to the stretching of the bladder when it is filled with urine. The urine that leaks out will have a slightly yellowish color, have a watery consistency, and have a characteristic urine scent.

Abnormal vaginal discharge
Abnormal vaginal discharge can appear as a thick white, yellowish, greenish, or brownish discharge. This vaginal discharge often has an unpleasant odor and causes sufferers to experience itching. The consistency of the discharge is usually thick or like mucus. This abnormal vaginal discharge can occur due to infection in the reproductive organs, vaginal irritation, entry of foreign objects, to malignancy (cancer).

For ordinary people, it is often difficult to distinguish the conditions above. For that, it's safer, we recommend that you go to a doctor or gynecologist directly. By direct examination, doctors are usually able to determine whether your condition is still reasonable or if you need special treatment.

In the meantime, all you need to do is:

Improve the cleanliness of your intimate organs, rinse using good quality water after urinating, use clean underwear and change regularly
Avoid contact between intimate organs and substances that are prone to trigger irritation
Drink more
Avoid casual sex
Limit excessive physical activity first

Hope it helps ..

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