Multiple Personality

Illustration of Multiple Personality
Illustration: Multiple Personality

permission to ask my name doc medy wijaya is 21 years old, I want to make sure the symptoms that I experience may feel strange to hear among people, sometimes I feel hurt in my feelings and sometimes I feel sad or happy even though u003cstrong u003no nothing happened u003c / strong u003e, is this a symptom of multiple personality? Am I just depressed? or mild mental disorder like depression? this happens when I’m alone and if I feel calm but sometimes the next day it sometimes happens and sometimes it doesn’t

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Hello Medy, thank you for asking at

The condition that you experience can lead to various conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, personality disorder threshold, mood disorders, and so on.

To be able to distinguish them, certainly there must be a variety of checks. Because the presence of a symptom cannot refer to one possible diagnosis. Need to meet the criteria to direct a symptom to a certain diagnosis. The examination includes a medical interview, examination of mental and physical status, and other examinations needed. This is also to ensure that your complaint is a mental disorder and not caused by another disease.

So it is advisable for you to consult directly with a psychiatric specialist, especially if your symptoms have influenced your daily activities such as social life aupin work productivity.

If indeed the complaint leads to bipolar disorder / multiple personality the doctor will do psychotherapy and also treatment with mood stabilizers.

For now, all you can do is:

Implement a healthy lifestyle
Get enough rest
Manage stress well
Get to know yourself better
Tell the closest person / people you trust about your problem
Get closer to God

That's all, hope it helps.

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