Illustration of Multivitamin?
Illustration: Multivitamin?

Hello, My child is a high school class XII, the final exam is soon. To help the immune system and the brain to stay healthy, what multivitamins should be taken? Many are offered publicly, but I am not sure of the dosage and use. Maybe the doctor can help advise on choosing the right multivitamin at an affordable price? My son is a boy. Thank you

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Hello Ms. Ika, thank you for asking

A multivitamin is a supplement that contains three or more vitamins and minerals. Supplement itself is a supplement to increase your food intake to support health because the body's important nutrients can be more fulfilled with supplements. So that the mutivitamin supplement itself cannot replace the function of intake of nutritious food and medicines or medical procedures needed to treat an illness.

In order to properly support health, we must choose multivitamin supplements carefully. The following things must be considered before taking a multivitamin supplement:

 Make sure you understand the health benefits for you, the risks that may arise, the rules, usage, and maximum use Avoid taking multivitamin supplements with the aim of treating a particular disease. Always consult with your doctor about the exact diagnosis of your disease and its treatment, as well as possible drug interactions between medications and multivitamin supplements. Understand the multivitamin content that exists in these multivitamin supplements. Stay balanced with a healthy lifestyle such as eating nutritious food, adequate rest, regular exercise, and good stress management so that the body remains healthy. In the case of your child who is going to take an exam, surely the daily activities that are passed are intended to face the exam. Not infrequently the brain and body are too tired to learn so that they feel they need a multivitamin supplement to support their health. In order to support the increase in concentration and function of the brain and meet the needs of vitamins and minerals, choose vitamins for the brain that contain the active ingredient L-Glutamate which has a function as a conduit of nerve signals. In addition, B-complex vitamins (vitamins B1, B12, B6) and vitamin C will be useful for increasing metabolism, maintaining the nervous system and increasing endurance. Vitamins like this are sold freely in pharmacies. Immediately see a doctor if after taking these vitamins your child has an allergic reaction to the drug. I hope this helps.

The following article can help you add references:

 Cerebrovit Important Benefits of Consumption of Supplements Known Greetings

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