Illustration of Mumps?
Illustration: Mumps?

In the afternoon, I was mumped, I already saw the doctor 2 times, but my cheeks were right and left, the swelling was getting bigger, and the symptoms that I felt were just right before I wanted to swollen, dizzy, nausea, but why didn’t my cheeks get flat? other thing

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Hello Sofiia, Thank you for the question.

How long have you experienced this symptom? Mumps is a viral infection that attacks the salivary glands located under the ear (parotid gland). This disease is a contagious disease. This disease is transmitted through saliva splashes when people cough or sneeze. Mumps will cause the parotid glands to swell so that the cheeks will look enlarged. Besides that, other symptoms that can be experienced by sufferers are fever, pain when chewing or swallowing, dry mouth, joint pain, fatigue, and headaches. These symptoms will usually last for 10-12 days while the swelling of the cheeks will usually only be reduced after one week. Thus, if you have only been mumped for a few days then your condition is still reasonable.

You can do the following suggestions:

apply warm or cold compresses on the swollen cheeks to reduce pain
avoid consuming acidic foods and sweet foods because they can stimulate salivary glands
consume softer food so it's easy to chew
taking paracetamol to relieve fever and joint pain
rest regularly
avoid contact with other people so as not to transmit this disease to others

But if it's been more than 10 days you still experience swelling in your cheeks, please return to see your doctor.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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