Muscle Aches?

Illustration of Muscle Aches?
Illustration: Muscle Aches?

Tonight, I am Alfih U21 Sdh 3 months experiencing a complaint in the right neck muscles down to the side of the shoulder blades, it feels like every time I sit down, I immediately feel severe stiffness and a kind of cramp in that area. after lying down it will subside again and if you sit back down will feel the complaint. I am a student who regularly exercises but has muscle aches like this. My question is, Is this due to inflammation / a pinched nerve in that part? I have done a massage, tried topical drugs such as creams and patches and 500 mg of paracetamol since the beginning but it has not recovered my muscles, is there any other medicine that I can take? If I want to check with a specialist what is right? Is there any physiotherapy treatment that I can do? n nAts explanation Thank you doctor.

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The feeling of stiffness and heaviness or cramps in the right neck down to the shoulder blades is often associated with muscle or nerve problems. It is also often related to your daily work and daily activities that you do. Some things that may be the cause of the complaints you experience include:

tense muscles injury to certain parts of the nerve clamping muscles, such as for example: in the neck, spinal posture abnormalities, such as: scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis Exercises that are too heavy or don't warm up, or make movements during inappropriate exercise can also cause prolonged muscle tension. To ascertain the cause of the complaint you are experiencing, you should indeed carry out further examinations, you should do a direct examination which is recommended to a neurologist to find out whether the cause is a muscle or nerve problem or something else. It may be advisable to do an X-ray of the spine, or if the results of the X-ray examination are still not clear, it may also be suggested to carry out further investigations. For therapy and treatment, depending on the cause of the condition you are experiencing after the examination and the results of the investigations are complete, you may be given medication to overcome tense muscles or further anti-pain medication if the problem is with nerve clamping and may be given an introduction to perform physiotherapy, if necessary . For temporary handling that you are doing it is right, and if you still experience it it is better to do further tests. Some things you need to pay attention to:

always warm up before exercising don't do excessive exercise avoid lifting heavy weights pay attention to sitting position while working for temporary handling before checking further to relieve pain can with pain relievers such as paracetamol, or pain relief creams may do light massage to the area around the pain but do not order it because if it is too tight it can cause injury to the muscles following the article you can read muscle pain, nerve clamping, spinal disorders

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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