Muscle Pain In The Lower Back Extends To The Upper Thigh?

Illustration of Muscle Pain In The Lower Back Extends To The Upper Thigh?
Illustration: Muscle Pain In The Lower Back Extends To The Upper Thigh?

Assalamuaikkum I am a worker who works by sitting almost all day, my age is 27 with BB 103 and TB 165. Almost 5 days ago I felt pain in my lower back, the stronger day to day for activities from Sitting to stand is very painful, but yesterday night the pain moved to the left upper thigh (left buttock) after a long squat, please explain. thanks.

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Wa'alaikumsallam Rizal.

Low back pain or low back pain, once a problem that is very common in the elderly or middle aged people. At present, this condition is increasingly experienced by young adults. That is because eating patterns that are not good that lead to excess weight, a lifestyle that lacks physical activity and exercise, as well as more types of work that requires a person to be in a static condition.

Based on the explanation you gave, chances are you have a condition called sciatica or isialgia. The condition is caused due to an emphasis on a large nerve called the sciatic nerve or the nerve of the cataract, which runs along the lower spine (lumbar) to the buttocks, thighs, then branches into the legs. Pressed nerves will become inflamed, causing symptoms of pain that starts from the lower back (lumbar), spreads to the buttocks, back of the thighs, and back of the calf. Generally this happens on one side. The pain varies, from mild dull pain, to severe pain, feels like heat and prickling, along these nerve pathways, which interferes with work and rest. Pain can be accompanied by weakness and stiffness of motion in the thigh and leg muscles, and sometimes accompanied by tingling or numbness.

This nerve stress can occur due to hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP) or often called 'pinched nerve', calcification or abnormal bone growth in the spine, piriformis syndrome (piriformis muscle stiffness which then presses the nerves), spinal damage due to infection (eg tuberculosis spinal), chronic neurological diseases such as diabetes mellitus, or in rare cases due to spinal tumors.

Some risk factors can increase the incidence of low back pain, for example:

Overweight or obese body weight.
Sedentary lifestyle (more sitting or lying down so they use less calories).
Many types of work involve lifting heavy loads or being in a long sitting position.
Incorrect posture and body position when working.
Having chronic disease.
Accident history.

Generally the condition of low back pain can heal itself. But in some conditions, the pain does not heal and it gets heavy. Consult this with a neurologist if you feel that your condition is not improving or is getting heavy after more than 1-2 weeks. The doctor may need to do a radiological examination such as a CT scan or MRI to help establish the diagnosis.

You can try to do some actions to relieve symptoms, for example:

Expand the body's core muscles (core muscle). If you are the type that has never exercised, you should ask for professional instructors. Training will start from the light stage first.
If your condition is too bad, start by stretching the lower back muscles, buttocks muscles, and thigh muscles. Stretch at home and at work several times a day.
Choose the type of chair that is good for the curvature of your spine. Make sure the height of the chair is right, so you can sit up straight, arms relaxed, your knees at an angle of 90 degrees with your thighs, and your feet are placed parallel to the floor. Adjust the height of the table so that the forearms form a 90 degree angle with the upper arms.
Make sure your posture is upright when driving.
Choose the type of mattress that is rather hard, so the spine does not bend when lying down. Choose the right pillow height.
Warm compresses on the affected part.
Watch your diet. Try to keep your weight in the normal range.

Thus my explanation, hopefully you are helped. Regards.

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