MVR Surgery Procedure To Deal With Heart Valve Leaks?

Illustration of MVR Surgery Procedure To Deal With Heart Valve Leaks?
Illustration: MVR Surgery Procedure To Deal With Heart Valve Leaks?

Hi, I want to ask what is the procedure for operating a MVV valve? It so happened that my father was diagnosed with a leaky valve and was going to operate on this November 25th, but the hospital side had not yet received any further confirmation at all, is it usually possible for a valve operation to take immediate action on D-day? Do ad do u0026amp; don’t before surgery? If you please, please answer, thank you.

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Hello Vin,

Thank you for the question.

The heart and blood vessels have a smooth muscle ring that opens to one side, which is useful in regulating blood flow throughout the body. Heart valve leaks have several types, such as regurgitation (where the valve cannot close completely), stenosis (where the valve becomes stiff or thickened), and atresia (where the valve does not form at all). If your father's condition only appeared when he was an adult, chances are that it happened was due to regurgitation or stenosis. Many valves can leak, including the mitral valve whose function is to limit the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart. Apart from genetic factors, heart valves and blood vessels can also leak due to the influence of age, infection of the heart, a history of heart attack or other heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders that can interfere with heart function.

MVR (mitral valve replacement) operation is performed to repair mitral valve leaks. This operation has several types, namely:

Aim to tighten the ring around the heart valve
Performed in patients with valve valve regurgitation
In this operation, the doctor will first measure the size of the bag valve ring, then sew a special thread on the ring
This operation can be done with open surgery (open heart surgery) or small surgery (minimally invasive heart surgery)

Aim to dilate the ring of a stiff and narrow heart valve
Performed in patients with heart valve stenosis
In this operation, the doctor will insert a catheter tube that ends with a balloon in the arteries in the arm or groin, then insert it until the heart valve is leaking with the help of X-ray radiological examinations. In the valve, the balloon will be developed, so that it can widen the narrowed valve
Patients will usually remain awake during this surgery. Postoperatively, patients are also generally advised to undergo observation for some time before finally being able to go home.

Depending on the type of surgery and the patient's general condition, there are things you can and shouldn't do before surgery. The operation can be done immediately after the patient comes to the hospital, or it can also be done the next day after preparation. Usually, patients will be advised to shave the hair around the location to be operated on, as well as maintain good hygiene. To avoid the risk of aspiration in some types of surgery, patients may also be advised to fast several hours before surgery. Patients also need to increase relaxation, pray, and sleep enough so as not to worry too much when the operation will be done.

You should invite your father to consult directly with a doctor or a thoracic surgeon who will operate on him to be given more complete information regarding the operation to be performed ...

Hope this helps ...

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