My Child Has Frequent Digestion Problems?

Illustration of My Child Has Frequent Digestion Problems?
Illustration: My Child Has Frequent Digestion Problems?

I want to ask the doctor, even though my child is only breastfeeding until 6 months, but why does my child have frequent digestion problems? Frequent constipation, now diarrhea? I have to do how the doctor, his weight is very less too

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Hello desi,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, how exactly is your child's age now? What is the weight and height too? Besides constipation and diarrhea, are there other complaints that he often experiences?

In breast milk, contains a variety of immune components that are useful to make babies not easily get infections. Not only that, the nutritional value in breast milk is very good and easily digested and absorbed by the body, so the baby's risk of experiencing digestive disorders (including constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, bloating, and colic) and disorders of nutritional status (including obesity or even malnutrition ) will decrease considerably. With breastfeeding, the risk of babies experiencing allergies, choking, and various other health problems can be reduced.

The condition of your baby, who often experiences constipation and diarrhea, is actually not always caused by his milk. This constipation and diarrhea may occur due to poor eating habits. Gastrointestinal infections, consumption of foods that irritate digestion, food allergies or malabsorption, intestinal inflammation, metabolic disorders, immune disorders, hormonal disorders, to certain benign or malignant tumors can also increase the risk of this indigestion. As for your baby's underweight, apart from indigestion, it can also be caused by chronic illness, less varied food and beverage intake, certain infections, history of being born premature or LBW, and many other medical conditions.

To be clear, you need to see your baby directly to the nearest doctor or pediatrician. If the doctor suspects that there is a disease, he may later recommend that your baby undergo a blood test, stool test, ultrasound, Mantoux test, x-rays, and so on. In this way, then the best treatment can be decided.

In the meantime, what needs to be done is:

 Give your baby more milk and water Variate the type of food every day, adjust to its age Don't be accustomed to giving babies instant food and drinks, let alone snack carelessly Make sure your baby only eats clean and well-cooked foods. Maintain the cleanliness of the environment around the baby Give the baby immunizations complete according to doctor's advice Control the growth and development of infants to the nearest health facility every month Hope it helps.

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