My Face Is Damaged Because Of The Wrong Product?

Illustration of My Face Is Damaged Because Of The Wrong Product?
Illustration: My Face Is Damaged Because Of The Wrong Product?

Good afternoon .. I want to ask .. the face is bruntusan because it doesn’t fit with Aloevera, and the bruntusan is like a fish egg, or like white blackheads … every time I massage the white color, it’s about what is suitable to cure it ? I now like to use lemon d to make a mask for 1 week … but I don’t see the results yet … br x doctors know better what to use ??

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Hello Ratna,

Bruntusan is a common term used for small nodules on the skin. Blunts on facial skin can actually be in the form of some of the following skin disorders:

  Milia Arises due to obstruction of keratin under the surface of the skin Not accompanied by itching, the color is similar to normal skin color. Can become reddish or itchy if often rubbed frequently In adults, milia arises when there is damage to the skin for example due to excessive sun exposure, use of creams containing long-term steroids, skin peeling therapy (dermabrasion, chemical peels). Some products containing lanolin, paraffin oil, petroleum, can trigger milia in patients with sensitive skin. Whiteheads or blackheads White blackheads that arise due to blockage of skin pores by sebum. These closed blackheads can be squeezed and released vaginal discharge. Due to increased sebum production, the use of comedogenic products, too dry skin, excessive use of oily products. In addition to the causes on facial skin bruntusan can also be caused by acne, dermatitis, polymorphic light eruption, and also allergic reaction. Generally, a bruising can disappear on its own within a few weeks after you stop using a product that is thought to trigger an onset of bruising. Some of the facial care products that contain the following ingredients can help get rid of streaks:

 Glycolic acid Salicyl acid Acelaic acid Benzoyl peroxide Retinoids The use of these products for a minimum of 1-2 weeks can provide significant results / changes to facial skin. It is better to avoid squeezing pimple on the skin, because it can trigger the onset of infection and inflammation of the skin. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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