My Father Is Locust Poisoning

Illustration of My Father Is Locust Poisoning
Illustration: My Father Is Locust Poisoning

Hello dock my father just poisoned after eating grasshopper what to do so as not to hurt dock

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food poisoning are all symptoms that arise from contaminated food. Contaminated food can contain infectious organisms in the form of bacteria, viruses, or parasites or toxins produced by certain organisms. Infectious organisms or toxins can contaminate food at any point from the start of the process, production or distribution of food.

Preventing dehydration is the first aid to overcome food poisoning. To prevent dehydration sufferers can drink water little by little, and avoid foods that are stimulating, such as spicy foods or too sweet to prevent vomiting. Do not take anti-emetic or antidiarrheal drugs without the advice of a doctor.

Food poisoning can cause several complications, from mild to more serious. The most common complication is dehydration. Meanwhile, more serious complications include uremic hemolytic syndrome.

There are some handlers at home that you can do:

Let your stomach rest. You can not eat and drink for several hours after symptoms appear
Try sucking on battu ice chunks or drinking a little water. Fresh soda water, broth, or non-caffeine isotonic drinks can also be consumed.
After feeling a little better, try slowly returning to eating. Eat foods that are bland, low in fat, and low in fiber, such as bread, bananas, and white rice.
To help relieve nausea and stomach discomfort, try drinking ginger water. Drinking medicated has a calming effect on the digestive tract.
Rest at home because food poisoning can run the risk of dehydration. This condition can also weaken your body.

if the complaint does not improve, especially if you are dehydrated, you can immediately bring your father to the nearest doctor to do the examination and treatment immediately and correctly

You can read the following article: prevention of food poisoning

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