My Friend Is Not Real, But Why Is It Held For Real?

Illustration of My Friend Is Not Real, But Why Is It Held For Real?
Illustration: My Friend Is Not Real, But Why Is It Held For Real?

Sorry, I can’t say my name because the info I asked for could harm me. N Previously I had a friend, Nakamya Munir. NShe was nice. N Initially, I don’t remember how long I met her. I remember when I had a problem he sat next to me asking small talk. Then continue until we get along. For a long time I have known him, he has always been unwilling to show his address, in fact, he who is pretentious about orders always refuses to change my orders. He often stays at my house, as a friend, he also gives me many solutions if I have a problem .. nOne of them is when I have a grudge with someone. He and I broke into the person’s house and even beat him. It continued until the stage where I was committing criminal acts alongside him. Finally I repented after I spent time in prison while he was a survivor, never coming back to visit me as he promised. I feel betrayed. Moreover, after I decided to repent from that black world, he got angry and then left me. I thought that the one reporting on me was him. But … Problems started after I investigated his whereabouts. I asked my mother if my friend Munir had ever come home while I was in detention … My mother’s answer was shocking … She said that there was never a friend of mine whose name was Munir … Even though I repeatedly invited her to play at my house, and my mother Also know … Because I was in doubt, I asked the people I had met with Munir, including victims of my persecution. Their answer is the same .. I came alone, they said. Then the mother and the people I checked out said that I often daydream and talk to myself .. Doctor, what am I actually suffering from? Am I crazy? NI am sure. Munir is real … The lawong I held before was not translucent .. (like in ghost films, which if held through) nAnd the activities we went through were real. To the detail of what he did, I still remember .. n .. nI have any pain, doctor? NThank you for the answer .. n

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Your condition can actually have two simple possibilities, that your friend is really there, or does not exist. If there is, then the problem is solved. The people you ask about for one reason or another could be lying or simply not seeing because they are blocked, accidentally missed or something else.

The problem is the second possibility, which is not really there, but you feel it is very real. In science, this is very possible if there is a disruption in a person's thought processes. This very real feeling of being held can occur when your brain is manipulated.

From the experiment that you can do yourself at home, when you see a prosthetic hand, and the prosthetic hand is touched, petted and rubbed by another person while at the same time your hand is also being touched, stroked and rubbed in the same way, on at one point, your brain will think that the prosthetic hand is your hand, and if you hit the prosthetic hand, you can suddenly grab your hand out of reflex. This manipulation of the brain can be caused by various things, from the consumption of illegal drugs, hormonal imbalances, to traumatic events.

We certainly can't just say you're crazy. Because to be able to diagnose someone who has madness or schizophrenia, it takes an in-depth examination directly by an expert, namely a psychiatrist. Especially if with your complaints and doubts, you seek medical help, then the specialist whose area of ​​expertise is the most knowledgeable about the answer to your problem is a psychiatrist, not an internal medicine specialist, eye specialist, skin specialist, let alone a gynecologist.

Therefore our advice, you try to consult your experience with a psychiatrist. What you need to know, too, is that the range of mental illness is very wide, not just insanity. In fact, madness is only one type out of hundreds of mental disorders. So with the examination, it could be that you are experiencing other problems, or maybe the signs you are showing are not distinctive enough so that the most likely thing is that your friend is really, no one knows. So that's why this examination is important.

Meanwhile, you don't have to think about your friend's whereabouts. Whether he was there or not, what is clear is he does not exist now. Live your life well, obey the rules, stay away from things that can harm yourself and others, also immediately tell a psychiatrist about your problem. If your friend later reappears, then video him using his cell phone, or introduce him to the people around you. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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