My Left Calf Often Twitches?

Illustration of My Left Calf Often Twitches?
Illustration: My Left Calf Often Twitches?

My calves to my thighs often twitch, then when my legs are folded for a while they are tingling, I used to be diligent in exercising now it’s rare, I am 171 and weigh 66 kg, is it because I am heavy or do I have other illnesses?

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Hi Muhammad Atthoriq,

Twitching in the muscles can be caused by the following:

Muscle fatigue
Hypocalcemia, hypercalcemia. Excess or lack of calcium in the body
Caffeine overdose, above 400mg / day
Peripheral nerve disorders or damage
Kidney disorders, and others.

Symptoms of tingling after folding the legs are a normal thing to happen, due to reduced blood supply to the nerve area. This tingling is usually temporary and harmless.

With a height of 171 cm and a weight of 66 kg, your body mass index is still in the normal category, which is 22.5. Therefore, your weight does not affect the complaints mentioned above.

Our suggestions:

Control to the doctor if the complaint persists
Avoid using excessive caffeine
Make sure you drink enough water, especially when doing strenuous activities, exercising or in a hot atmosphere.
Eat well-nourished foods
Get enough rest
Be careful with the use of drugs outside the doctor's recommendations and prescriptions

Thus, hope it can help you

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