My Left Chest Hurts, It Pierces My Back, Is That A Heart Attack Symptom?

Illustration of My Left Chest Hurts, It Pierces My Back, Is That A Heart Attack Symptom?
Illustration: My Left Chest Hurts, It Pierces My Back, Is That A Heart Attack Symptom?

My left chest feels tight, translucent to my back, sometimes the left arm hurts, the inside of the rib cage under the left armpit hurts. When the heart beats, it hurts. Does it have a heart attack?

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Chest pain always causes anxiety and anxiety from many people. For that we can inform you that according to data from research on chest pain, the most common cause is 50% to 85% of left or right chest pain caused by muscle tension, excessive anxiety, and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

What is often feared by most people is that chest pain associated with heart disease is only 15% of all complaints of pain in the left chest.

Anatomically the heart is located in the middle of the chest, slightly to the left. Therefore, not all chest pain due to heart is felt on the left. Heart pain occurs when there is a threat of heart tissue damage. The most common cause is lack of oxygen and lack of blood. This condition arises because of the blockage or narrowing of the heart arteries. It needs to be distinguished from chest pain caused by abnormalities in the heart and which is very feared by other symptoms.

Symptoms of chest pain caused by the heart:

Chest pain can occur on the right, if the heart is damaged.
Pain can be a feeling of discomfort in the back, if the damaged heart tissue back.
Pain can be felt in the pit of the stomach and is often mistaken for heartburn, if the lower part of the heart is damaged.
Pain can not be appointed precisely at one point. This is caused by the heart including internal organs so that the nature of the pain is pain that is not localized. Generally, a patient will show the location of the pain with the whole palm of his hand when asked where the pain is felt, not with one finger.
Feelings of pain can be like being pricked or like being crushed by a heavy object, pressure, severe tightness, and burning sensation.
The sensation of chest pain due to the heart is usually blunt.
The hallmark of pain is radiating through the nerves to the shoulders, left arm, translucent to the back, and neck. These places are typical for spreading pain from the heart.
The duration of chest pain can vary depending on the severity of heart disease suffered. Chest pain due to narrowing of mild degrees usually lasts less than 20 minutes. While pain due to total blockage or in an acute heart attack occurs more than 20 minutes.
Chest pain due to the heart occurs when the work of our heart increases, for example when on the move, shortly after the activity, being angry, emotional, or stressed. Pain decreases with rest and calms down.
Pain is not affected by body position. Standing, sitting, lying on your side to the right, left, and so on will not affect the pain.
Pain from the heart does not increase pain when inhaling or exhaling. If the pain increases with breathing, then the cause of chest pain is more suspected due to the lungs or chest wall muscles.
Chest pain due to the heart is generally accompanied by symptoms of other sympathetic nerves, namely symptoms such as when someone is anxious. Sympathetic symptoms include cold sweats, rapid heartbeat, weakness, nausea, and vomiting.

You can compare this data with the complaints that you feel, and if you want to consult further you can visit a Specialist in Internal Medicine or to the nearest Cardiologist and Blood Vessel near you, to find the exact cause of the complaint you are experiencing, because you have to physical examination and additional examinations such as blood checks, photos of GMGs and ECGs if in all tests are said to be normal maybe the doctor can consult you as a psychiatrist.

There are some things you can do at home for a while

do compress warm water and cold water alternately in the affected part
You can take pain medications such as paracetamol
drink lots of water at least 1.5 liters per day
avoid stress
diligent in exercising regularly
consumption of nutritious and healthy food
eat regularly avoid late eating
Hindri foods are spicy, sour and high in fat
Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption

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