My Mother’s Heart

Illustration of My Mother’s Heart
Illustration: My Mother’s Heart

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Conditions that your parents experience can occur due to various possibilities, including:

Stomach acid disease
Inflammation of the stomach
Heart disease
Impaired cardiac blood vessel flow
Fluid buildup in the lungs

Regarding your question, eating spicy noodles, or any spicy food will not cause heart disease in someone. However, eating spicy foods can trigger an increase in stomach acid for those who have a tendency to stomach acid disease, and symptoms can be shortness, heartburn, heartburn, which for some people may be similar to symptoms of heart disease. This is what causes there is a possibility of stomach disorders in your parents' condition.

Even so, it still requires a direct examination to be able to establish the diagnosis and determine the best treatment. So our advice, you should check your mother to a doctor in internal medicine, so that you can do a proper examination by digging up his medical history, doing a physical examination and maybe support such as heart records, laboratory examinations and X-rays to ascertain his tendency. The handling that will be received later depends on the results of the inspection.

Meanwhile, don't worry too much, you may try to consume over-the-counter ulcer drugs while still reading the rules of use listed, consume warm water, avoid spicy, sour and oily foods first, and if going to the hospital, try to your parents not accompanied by more than one person, in order to minimize the possibility of being infected with corona. So, hopefully answering your question.

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