My Niece Aged 1-1.5 Years Has A Fever

Illustration of My Niece Aged 1-1.5 Years Has A Fever
Illustration: My Niece Aged 1-1.5 Years Has A Fever

Hello doc, my niece has a fever, has been taken by a doctor and has taken the medicine. Body temperature has decreased. But at night, he has a fever with a temperature higher than before. Even accompanied by movements such as convulsions, trembling. What can I do doc? And may it be possible if this kind of nephew is given a drug pharmacy? Thank you.

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Hello Mega Purwati, thank you for asking the team.

Fever in children is a common thing. Fever in children can be caused by various things, including:

- Infection in the upper respiratory tract that will cause complaints such as cough, runny nose, sore throat in children.

- Infections of the lungs, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis

- Infection of the ear

-Dengue fever

- Typhoid / Typhus

We recommend that if you feel a fever in children, routinely do temperature checks with a child's thermometer, to find out the child's temperature. Children can be said to have a fever if the temperature is> 37.6 degrees C. You can do the following if the child suddenly returns to a fever like you experience: use warm water compresses on the child's forehead, give the child heat-lowering drugs such as paracetamol syrup (you should always provide medicine reduce the child's heat at home so that the child's high fever can be treated more quickly so as not to cause things that are not desirable), avoid using thick clothes on children, avoid using thick blankets on children, give children good nutrition, maintain a comfortable room temperature for children, take a bath with warm water, and provide adequate fluids for children. If the complaint does not seem to get better or more burdensome, then you should take your niece directly to the doctor.

If you experience complaints such as seizures, vomiting, decreased appetite or no appetite at all, the child feels weak and pale, then immediately see a doctor.

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Thank you, hope that helps.

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