My Sadness?

Illustration of My Sadness?
Illustration: My Sadness?

Excuse me, I am a housewife aged + -49 years, I have diabetes and stomach disease, sometimes I often feel weak, sometimes my stomach is often bloated, my chest to breathe feels very heavy, even to the point of back pain, sugar treatment I routinely, sometimes my hands are often numb, tingling, how do I deal with my complaints, what kind of sweep I use ??

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Complaints that you feel can be related to your diabetes, and it could also be due to other conditions that are not related at all, such as anemia or lack of blood, pinched nerves, nerve injury, muscle disorders, or it could be others depending on the results of the examination .

Our advice, you should check with your intern doctor, whether the condition you are experiencing is related or not with your diabetes. Because your sugar treatment can be routine, but your sugar level is not controlled. Or it could be routine, but there are already complications to various other parts such as nerves and digestion. If it is clearly said that this has nothing to do with your diabetes, ask the doctor, which direction the disease is going and where you should check yourself next, whether to a neurologist, or others. The handling that you will receive later depends on the results of this inspection. This examination is important because with so many complaints, it is very possible that there is more than one disease that you are suffering from.

Meanwhile, because the disease is still unclear, the important thing is to maintain your health and endurance by doing a healthy lifestyle in general in the form of regular exercise according to ability, avoid smoking, multiply eating vegetables and fruit, multiply the consumption of water, avoid food and drinks sweet, consume drugs as recommended, and control routinely. So, hopefully answering your question.

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