My Son’s Vagina Was Banged And Bleeding?

Illustration of My Son’s Vagina Was Banged And Bleeding?
Illustration: My Son’s Vagina Was Banged And Bleeding?

Hello, yesterday my 7 year old son fell and his vagina hit and bled, then I took it to the doctor at night, the doctor said it was only an abrasion in the vaginal area, but the next day, I took my child to the hospital and the obstetrician consul said the wound doctor The blisters were also made, I was told to take antibiotics for a week, I continued to control them again, but this afternoon my child’s vagina was still bleeding, is this a normal thing or what? Because I feel afraid, if my child will definitely lack blood.

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Bleeding that occurs after the impact around the vagina can be caused by a mild condition, but it can also be dangerous. This bleeding can come from a tear in the external reproductive organs, for example the vulva (vaginal lips), but it can also result from injury to the deeper reproductive organs. In general, if the bleeding is minimal, and there are no other complaints, such as severe pain in the vaginal area, swelling, fever, etc., chances are that your child's condition is not dangerous.

In general, a blow to the vagina that is mild in nature will not cause bleeding that lasts more than 2 times 24 hours. If your child is still bleeding from the birth canal after 1 week after the impact, then you can check it again with an obstetrician or pediatrician. If the blood that comes out is only in the form of spots, then it is not anemia (lack of blood) to worry about, but the risk of infection, which is more prone to occur in wounds that are not properly treated. On examination, the doctor can perform a digital rectal test to explore the condition of your child's reproductive organs in more depth. Or, radiological examinations such as ultrasound can also be done to confirm the results of the physical examination.

In the meantime, you should continue to monitor how much bleeding your child is experiencing, by giving him a bandage that is changed every time it is full. Also clean your child's genitals regularly after every shower and after defecating. Avoid wearing dirty or tight pants. Avoid giving any treatment to a child's vagina carelessly without a prescription from a doctor, and also avoid activities that risk causing genital irritation, for example running or going up and down stairs too often.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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