My Wife Has A Stomachache?

Illustration of My Wife Has A Stomachache?
Illustration: My Wife Has A Stomachache?

Hello, my wife has a stomach ache in 3 days her stomach feels cramps br shortness of breath and quickly tired so that again sitting my wife feels tired. What’s the cause of that?

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Cramps or pain in the stomach can be caused by various possible causes, including:

Gastrointestinal infections such as gastroenteritis, appendicitis, gastritis / inflammation of the stomach, gastric acid disease / GERD (Gastroesofageal reflux), disorders of the liver and bile

Disorders of the reproductive organs, such as menstrual pain / dysmenorrhoea, endometriosis, cysts or myomas
Disorders of the urinary tract such as urinary tract stones or urinary tract infections

While shortness of breath can be caused by various factors including fatigue, stress, psychological disorders such as anxiety or panic, disorders of the digestive tract such as GERD, obesity / excess weight, anemia / low hemoglobin, rarely exercise or too heavy activity, infection of the digestive tract such as pneumonia, ARI, tuberculosis and asthma, disorders of the heart such as heart failure and coronary heart disease, and various other possibilities.

To find out the exact cause, it requires a direct examination and information about your wife's previous medical history. Because of the many possible causes and types of diseases that can underlie complaints arise, I recommend that you do an examination to the nearest doctor directly. The doctor will conduct an history / dig up information related to complaints from health problems on your wife, find out the history of the disease, do a direct physical examination and supporting examinations if needed such as complete blood tests, x-rays, heart records, CT scans and various other specific examinations.

To help reduce complaints, the following recommendations can be made at home, including:

Get enough rest
Avoid strenuous activities
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Avoid fatty foods
Expand vegetables and fruit
Maintain body weight
Manage stress well and do relaxation
Sufficient fluid needs every day
Avoid exposure to cigarettes and alcohol
Light exercise regularly every day

If the symptoms get worse, immediately ask for help to the nearest health service. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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