Nail Spikes 2 Days Ago What Is The Possibility Of Tetanus?

Hello, I am Rizki 16 years old. 2 days ago, my foot was pierced by nails and it was about 1 cm deep. After that I always treat my feet with oil and turmeric. I saw nail puncture wounds like blackening and no throbbing in my legs as said by a sign of tetanus. Is my foot likely tetanus, because I also did not have time to see the rust or not nails. How to handle it?

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Puncture wounds can provide appearance of small external wounds but can penetrate to very deep skin tissue (can get to the muscles and even to the bone). This wound must be cleaned up to the inside (not only the outside), so that every person who suffers from a nail puncture must see a doctor so that the wound can be cleaned properly. In addition to requiring good wound cleansing, antibiotic therapy and anti-tetanus injections are also needed because nail puncture wounds are dirty and are at risk of causing tetanus.

The presence of blackened wounds and absence of pulses on the feet does not indicate you have been affected by tetanus, but you clearly have a risk of getting tetanus if you do not immediately go to the doctor. The doctor will ask for a clearer history of your tetanus vaccination, if you have not received complete tetanus immunization before or you do not know your immunization status, the doctor will give you a tetanus vaccination along with tetanus immunoglobulin to prevent tetanus. Blackened wounds indicate dead tissue in the wound. This condition can also be dangerous if left unchecked. Sores can become more infected and wounds can also become bigger and wider. You should immediately go to the doctor and do not delay.

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