Illustration of Nail?
Illustration: Nail?

I want to ask, my two big toe nails are growing in the side or the side of the side, not in a long time, and it’s been a long time, maybe because I used to be with the nails, the problem is that the side of my side nails will be falling down. gt, if there are lots of sand why can you still use it and it smells a little gt and it doesn’t look like it doesn’t feel good because you don’t like it and the smping nails are cracking and not cracked smping, but there’s no pus or blood. like blue gt and a lot but now it’s gone, what I want is whether the nails like that need to be pulled out? Is it not at risk if it is revoked? What’s up ?? Mksi

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Hello Afifah

Nails that grow in the direction of the tissue next to it can cause toenail inclusion or ingrowing conditions. 40 degrees Celsius Seizures or a history of seizures Age of child <6 months Children appear to breathe quickly or shortness of breath Continuous vomiting Volume of BAK is greatly reduced Appears rashes on the skin Children appear to be fully unconscious. Thus my explanation, hopefully useful. "> Cantengan marked with the following symptoms:

Swelling in the finger area, especially on the side of the nail
Redness on the side of the nail
Pain in the area
A bleeding wound arises
In cases that are accompanied by a secondary infection pus can come out and smell unpleasant in the area

Causes of cantengan include:

Often use closed shoes that are too narrow in size
Cut the nail too short and cut to the edge of the nail
History of trauma to the nail

The diagnosis of cantengan obtained from clinical symptoms and physical examination. Handling depends on the severity of the patient's finger condition and consideration of the doctor. Handling that can be done include:

Wash your feet regularly with soap and water, soak in warm water 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day then dry well with a towel
Applying antibiotic ointment
Taking pain relievers
Medical action: pull out the nails and clean the infected tissue
Prevention of cantengan can be done by cutting the nails not too short with a flat cut, using shoes of the right size, when exercising wear shoes and special socks for exercise that risks causing trauma to the toenails (soccer, ballet dancing, kickboxing). Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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