Nails Grow Abnormally Halfway Upwards

Illustration of Nails Grow Abnormally Halfway Upwards
Illustration: Nails Grow Abnormally Halfway Upwards

My index finger docked halfway apart, after the healing period the nail grew half but facing upwards. So if something happens to the nails it hurts, and if it is cut it’s hard the problem is only half the length. What is the solution, doc? Do you have to pull out your nails or do you have another solution?

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There is a history of injury to the index finger, so it breaks off half of the finger segment, and is now undergoing a healing process but it implies that the growth of the nail is only half and leads to the top, then this condition can indeed cause risk of pain and pain when it is touched or if your nail is exposed to objects other. To find out the right handling steps, it must be done a direct examination on your finger, so it can be known to what extent the growth of nails, how the recovery process of some of the joints that have been connected, and how much the angle of the nail deviation that leads upward. Thus, a direct examination with a plastic surgeon or general surgeon will help identify the medical and aesthetic implications encountered and plan the treatment that is right for you.

In general, if the direction of your nails is pointing or growing upward, then this is likely due to an elevation of the nail bed or nail growth, causing the nail to move upward. This happens because of tissue damage to the nail bed and the process of restoring or connecting the severed fingers, so this condition is a complication that occurs after the healing process. If this is indeed the case, then the plastic surgeon can help the aesthetics of your subsequent nail growth, or the surgeon can remove the growing scar tissue and cause the nail growth direction to go up. However, all this can not be ascertained if you do not do a direct examination to a plastic surgeon. With a direct examination, the doctor can plan improvements to the recovery process of your finger area that may be less comfortable for you.

In addition to reconstructing wound tissue or nail growth, you can also make a number of independent steps to help prevent complaints of pain due to nails being nudged or sore, such as:

Cover your hands or your fingers with a protector, such as a t-shirt, gauze or other material that gives a good appearance
Using fake nails
Cut nails slowly

If some of these things you can try to eat important points obtained are preventing pain and your nails touched. Or if indeed you have other businesses that can help reduce complaints of pain or nudging.

However, for the right treatment steps, you can visit directly and discuss with your surgeon. Since Covid-19 is currently still under caution, you can consult with your surgeon by telephone or online, unless your doctor suggests meeting you immediately. If your doctor recommends treatment to be postponed, until the Covid vigilance period ends, then you can follow his advice. So for now, you can protect your fingers from the risk of injury or nudging to prevent pain complaints.

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