Napping In A Hot Head And Waking Up Is Still Like A Dream?

Illustration of Napping In A Hot Head And Waking Up Is Still Like A Dream?
Illustration: Napping In A Hot Head And Waking Up Is Still Like A Dream?

Hello doctor, I want to ask about my condition. Yesterday I took a nap and my head was very hot, so when I woke up I felt like I was still in a dream. It was very different from being fully awake. As soon as I walk, I am afraid of falling because it feels like flying. Once the doctor, I have experienced this twice. Please respond, thank you.

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Hello Evelyn, thank you for the question to

Human sleep has a cycle consisting of sleep phases. Each of these phases shows the difference in the depth of human sleep. The following is the phase of human sleep:

Phase 1 or called shallow sleep. In this phase a person only "half sleeps" will be very easily awakened, eye movements and muscle movements will weaken and slow down. Phase 2 which is deeper sleep, in this phase the eye movement will stop, body temperature and heart rate will drop. Phases 3 and 4 are deep sleep phases, in this phase there is no eye movement or any muscle contraction activity. In this phase people will be very difficult to wake up and respond very minimally to external stimulus. REM phase or rapid eye movement. In this phase the brain becomes very active, the eyes move, blood pressure and pulse increase, breathing becomes fast, and shallower. In one sleep, humans can experience 4-5 cycles (depending on the length of sleep), each cycle ranges from 1.5-2 hours. A cycle roughly goes like this:

Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Phase 3-4 - Phase 2 - Phase 1 - REM

At the end of REM sleep, usually a person can wake up briefly.

The symptoms that you experience can occur if you wake up (or are awakened) in your deep sleep phase. People who are awakened in the deep sleep phase will experience disorientation (it is difficult to distinguish whether they are still in a sleep state, in a dream, or are awake) for several minutes. This condition is a normal condition and will improve by itself without the need to do anything. People who experience deep sleep while taking a nap will sleep less nights.

If you experience this, you should calm yourself, sit relaxed first in your bed until you really wake up. You should also limit your nap time so that it is not too long.

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