Narcotics That Can Be Used For Medical Purposes?

Good afternoon, I Aninda want to ask about matters relating to Narcotics. Are there drugs of narcotics type used in medicine specifically in the obstetric sphere? Please help to mention the type, as well as the trademark yes. Thank you

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Based on law number 35 of 2009, narcotics are substances or drugs derived from plants or non-plants, both synthetic and semisynthetic, which can cause a decrease or change of consciousness, loss of taste, reduce to eliminate pain, and can cause dependence.

The law also explains some of the functions of narcotics and their role in the medical field. Although narcotics have properties in reducing pain, not all types of narcotics are used in medicine.

Narcotics are divided into 3 groups, namely groups 1, 2 and 3. Group 1 is a type of narcotics that may not be used medically. This class must only be used for research purposes. Whereas for medical, it is only permissible to use narcotics types 2 and 3. List of types one and two types of narcotics, you can find in summary Permenkes number 2 in 2017.

In the field of medicine, class two narcotics that are often used include morphine, fentanyl, petidine, codeine, cocaine, amphetamine, etc. In the scope of obstetrics medicine, narcotics basically also has the same function, namely as an analgesic / pain reliever whether during surgery, anesthesia or as a palliative therapy for cancer sufferers. Regarding trademarks, there are various types of narcotics used in the health sector. If necessary for learning, you can find it here to get more complete information.
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